Estate Planning
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Estate planning forms an integral part of overall wealth management with the goal to protect client’s private assets and to facilitate their transfer to future generations in a tax efficient manner.

While an estate plan cannot pass on your memories and experiences, it can help you pass on your assets in a way that reflect  your values, dreams and the life you have lived. Estate planning can also help you to take care of your family when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

Our estate planning advisors strive to employ appropriate trust formats and other legal strategies that will most effectively transfer your wealth to your successors. They closely monitor tax laws to find the best estate planning opportunities for each client’s situation.

Some common goals of estate planning include:

  • Maximize estate value and achieve each client’s wealth transfer wishes
  • Achieve and ensures effective succession planning
  • Integrate trust and estate planning strategies with client’s objectives to optimize wealth maximization in a tax-efficient manner
  • Providing for your family if you become disabled or die
  • Minimizing delays and frustrations of estate settlement
  • Helping your family avoid unnecessary estate tax liability
  • Benefiting a charity
  • Controlling the distribution of your assets

The composition of current and potential future assets, personal family considerations, tax residence, business succession plans and charitable objectives are only a few among many factors which need to be taken into account for the purpose of establishing a comprehensive estate plan.

The trusts and civil law foundations are most ideal tools and tax optimal to transfer wealth to the next generation. Along with various corporate ownership structures this may be the most suitable solution for the ownership of real estate, art collections, or private yachts and airplanes.

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