Isle of Man
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Total- 572 km2 (191st), 221 sq mi
estimate 80,085 (196th)
Density- 140/km2 (109th), 362.4/sq mi
Calling code: +44 spec. +44-1624 (landline) area code +44-7524, +44-7624, +44-7924 (mobile)
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The Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland and is a unique self-governing kingdom, a British Crown dependency which does not belong either to the United Kingdom or the European Union. The Isle of Man Private Limited Company has become a popular corporate vehicle for carrying out international trade particularly with the European Union countries where all trades are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) Accounting.

Offshore Company Formation in Isle of Man
The Isle of Man legal system is based on the English common-law model. The most popular type of Isle of Man company is a Limited Company, which is very similar to a UK Limited Company, but with the benefit in most cases of zero taxation.


Key Features of Isle of Man Offshore Company Formation